The Shaolin Secrets(10 volumes)

$3,000.00 each


the edit by Shaolin Temple.


It is print and stitched in traditional Chinese style.


It is precious very much,

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Product Description


the edit by Shaolin Temple.


It is print and stitched in traditional Chinese style.


It is precious very much,

It is an excellent collection treated by old Chinese technique to prevent books going moldy. The book is just published 5000 sets in all over world.

"Secrets of the Shaolin Temple....Revealed!"

For the First Time Ever, the Dead Sea Scrolls of the Martial Arts the Sacred Documents of the Training Principles and History of the Legendary Shaolin Temple of China Has Been Freed From the Secret Chamber and the Martial Arts World Will Never Be the Same Again.

Sacred Ancient Training Secrets and Principles That You Must See to Believe

You arengoing to believe whatin these volumes. Some of it is so far out that you have to see it to believe it. No matter your martial arts background or style, there is something for everyone in these volumes.

Chinese health secrets, secret techniques, used by the Masters, the history and origins of the Shaolin Arts and much more.

Heresome of the priceless information that is contained in Volume I:

  • Learn the Ancient Warrior Code of the Shaolin Monks and see how it change you into a powerful force in every area of your life
  • How breathing correctly can make you lightning fast on your feet
  • Sleep like a baby every single night with this one breathing exercise
  • Learn how to keep your mind razor sharp and your energy sky high all day long
  • Five breathing techniques that make your body so solid your opponentblows have little or no effect
  • How to hit like a truck with this one simple technique
  • Frustrate your opponent to tears with these two principles of movement that make his attacks and defenses useless
  • How to develop razor like focus in just minutes a day
  • Exercises that make your legs so solid they like two tree trunks stuck in the ground
  • Increase your internal energy so much that when you hit your opponent he feels like he was struck by lightning
  • Four things you have to avoid when doing deep breathing exercises
  • Instantly read what your opponent is going to dofore he even moves
  • Improve your eyesight with one exercise that takes thirty seconds a day
  • Look years younger and have tons of energy with these ancient massage secrets
  • Ten Warrior Principles that apply to every area of your life
  • Render opponents helpless as you defend everything they throw at youth ease
  • Knock your opponent into next week with this small adjustment to your palm strike
  • How to tie both your opponentarms into knots with one of your hands while you pummel him with the other
  • Discover the Ten Universal Principles of Combat and how once you learn them, it will change how you look at combat forever
  • Master one Body Movement Law and become unhittable and still be able to put all your weight into every strike
  • Footwork drill that allow you to evade or attack at will
  • Get a grip so strong your opponent feels like he is caught in a vice
  • Ancient Herbal Recipes that strengthen your body, increase your energy and heal your injuries
  • And much, much more

9asons Why You Must Get The Shaolin Secrets

  1. Never been seen outside the Shaolin Temple
  2. Most Martial Arts Masters wouldndare share this information with you until you had been training for years and were deemed rthy
  3. Nothing is held back you get everything contained in each volume translated word for word
  4. Itbeen used for over fifteen hundred years by the Shaolin Temple to train their Warrior Monks so it works
  5. Youl be exposed to exercises and information that people in the West have never even heard of
  6. You wonhave to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours training at the Shaolin Temple you can get the information right here
  7. You wonhave to leave your life behind, convert yourself into a monk, try to join the Shaolin Temple, train for decades and then MAYBE be taught these secrets
  8. You Learn at your own pace no waiting around in class for everyone else to catch up
  9. These books were ever sent to the president Putin and some other famous personages of foreign countries as presents.

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