By Shi Deqian

The complete collections of Chinese Shaolin Wushu

Every sentence and word of this book condenses the author's energies, the true value of this book is its promoting Chinese Wushu and its making beneficial contribution to human physical health.

By Liu Baoshan


Never before have we seen such a comprehensive series on Shaolin Kung Fu in English. These 5 volumes outline the 8 basic hand positions, 15 basic hand techniques, 14 basic stances, 14 basic leg techniques, 12 basic skills, 54 complete forms, plus massage, meridians and Qigong! This unprecedented series is the textbook from Shaolin Temples Taguo School, one of the largest and most decorated schools in China.

By Shi Deqian

Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts

There are only approximately 20 sets of the encyclopedia left in stock.The books will not be re-printed due to the minimum cost involved (over $70,000.USD), so they will soon become a collector item.

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